Customer Appreciation & Birthday Party 2021

Dennis Dent, Founder and CEO of Airfasco has always had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday at this favorite event EAA Oshkosh. He is a lifetime member and his first flight here was 1977 in his 1939 Piper Cub. Hooked, he has been flying here ever since.

Please join us Friday night, July 30th at our lovely home on the lake for a good old fashion American style cookout. We start setting up at 4:00 PM and start eating as the grill heats up.

Each year for my birthday gift, John Wicht our FAA DER books the band "The Moonlighters". They are excellent and will be performing again this year starting at 8:00 and playing to 11:00.

There will be plenty of food and enjoyable evening on Lake Butte Des Morts.


5041 Washington Street

Butte Des Morts, WI 54904

Dennis Dent

330-495-9075 mobile